Thursday, September 8, 2011


Loreal Alana Prystaj

“Reality is perception, and my perception of the world around me becomes reality through my photographs. I find myself seeing illusions in my head, that when I pick up a camera the world around me disappears, and I am able to create my thoughts and ideas into reality instantly, with one click of a button. Being the only one who knows exactly what is in my mind, I have become part of my own masterpieces; to fulfill my imagination.” –quoted by Loreal Prystaj in the summer of 2011referring to her nude self portrait series.

Prystaj’s purpose, in the art world, is to show the magnificence of the world, not by just looking at it, but seeing the beauty of it—Her series “Being” provides the viewer with s different way to see; color, the body, and all forms and shapes in the world.

She is presently working on a new series called “Alice’s Conception”. In this series Prystaj provides the viewer with a journey through Alice’s mind; he mind is not a Wonderland anymore, but is a world full of fear, anxiety, and doubt—Very similar to what Prystaj sees in people of the society today.

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